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A New View of the Rollright Ring

Exploring Ley Lines and Earth Energies by Maria Wheatley Celestial Songs Press, 2nd Edition 2018 From the Back Cover: “The Rollright Ring Hidden Influences: Through the eyes of a Master Dowser, take a fascinating look at the Rollright Stones and explore … Continue reading

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The Power of Centre

Rediscovering Ancient Cosmology and the Celtic Goddess at the Omphalos Sites of the British Isles A new book by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare After visiting many Celtic sites around Europe, Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare discovered that these ancient tribes … Continue reading

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Network of Leyhunters Lichfield Moot

Network of Leyhunters – Lichfield Moot – 8 September – 10 September 2017 The Network of Leyhunters continue their pilgrimage up the Spine of Albion, exploring the Staffordshire section of the Belinus Line under the guidance of authors Gary Bilcliffe … Continue reading

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