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Mapping Avebury

There are many plans and maps of Avebury available, from modern interpreations to John Aubrey’s 17th century edition. However, the map probably familiar to most is William Stukeley’s plan of Avebury, restored as he saw it, which appeared in his … Continue reading

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World Heritage Day 2018

International Day for Monuments and Sites 18 April 2018 is World Heritage Day,  one day set aside each year to celebrate the history and heritage of the human race and celebrate all the worlds cultures, and to bring awareness to important … Continue reading

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Avebury Henge Closed

The National Trust has announced that due to the very mild January they have had to temporarily close part of the Avebury henge and stone circle to prevent damage to this globally important archaeological site. The north-east and north-west sectors are … Continue reading

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Avebury: Squaring the Circle

Archaeologists from the universities of Leicester and Southampton have found evidence of a rare square monument beneath the world-famous Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire. Constructed in the Neolithic period during the third millennium BC the huge Avebury henge encloses three … Continue reading

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