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Iron Age mystery at Wendover

Preparatory work ahead of the construction of the HS2 high-speed rail link that will connect London to Birmingham has unearthed a a number of finds near Wendover in Buckinghamshire ranging from the Neolithic Age to the Medieval period with evidence … Continue reading

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The Source of the Altar Stone

The Altar Stone at Stonehenge is unique, no other stone at the monument on Salisbury Plain constitutes the same lithology; a greenish sandstone thought to be of Late Silurian-Devonian (‘Old Red Sandstone’) age. It is classed as one of the … Continue reading

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Ring of Shafts Discovered Centred on Durrington Walls

A 1.2 mile-wide (2km) circle of large shafts measuring more than 10m (30ft) in diameter and 5m (15ft) in depth has been discovered centred on Durrington Walls. A team from the universities of St Andrews, Birmingham, Warwick, Bradford, Glasgow and … Continue reading

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The Desecration of Doll Tor Stone Circle

The small upland area of Stanton Moor in the Derbyshire Peak District, with more than seventy prehistoric barrows is awarded protection as a Scheduled Ancient Monument. The moor has four Bronze Age stone circles, of which the best known is … Continue reading

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Watering Well or Ritual Shaft?

The discovery of the Wilsford Shaft, a 30m (100ft) deep pit, underneath what was thought to be a pond barrow (Wilsford 33a), during excavations in 1960-62 led to disagreement between the excavators, Paul Ashbee and Edwina Proudfoot, on the purpose … Continue reading

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Wilsford Shaft

The Shaft Excavations between 1960 and 1962 at what appeared to be a recently bulldozed barrow revealed the presence of a single large shaft, the deepest prehistoric man-made shaft yet known in England. When fully excavated it was found to … Continue reading

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Aubrey Burl on Callanish

It was announced recently that British archaeologist Aubrey Burl had passed away at the age of 93. Harry Aubrey Woodruff Burl, Fellow of The Society of Antiquaries, did not appreciate many of the weird and wacky theories that megalthic sites … Continue reading

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Pottery find dates farming in London to Early Neolithic Period

In my previous post we discussed how rubbish pits in Neolithic Britain are frequently associated with ceremonial sites. Now a pit has been uncovered on the boundary of the historic centre of London dated to the Early Neolithic period. DURING … Continue reading

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Ritual Pits in the Stonehenge Landscape

Pits and Plaques In 1980 the investigation of a flint scatter on the northern part of King Barrow Ridge, as part of the Stonehenge Environs Project, revealed three small circular pits grouped around a natural hollow, possibly a tree-throw. Finds from … Continue reading

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The desecration of Stonehenge

The Desecration of Stonehenge Shames this Government The Budget confirmed that the Tories will drive concrete and tarmac through the ancient Wiltshire site An article by Tom Holland president of The Stonehenge Alliance on the decision by the government to … Continue reading

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