Old Oswestry Hillfort SOS

Old Oswestry Hillfort Facebook page reports:

Last chance to save the landscape of Old Oswestry hillfort, one of Britain’s most important Iron Age sites, from infill with housing that could go elsewhere.

A new consultation is underway on the planning applications for a housing estate in the hillfort’s near setting – deadline for response is October 21st.

Why should a national heritage jewel be targeted when, after 10 years, not one single house has been built out of 900 allocated on the Oswestry Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE)? If this wasn’t bad enough, Shropshire planners have pushed back the deadline for completing the SUE to beyond 2026, AND keep revising and delaying the 5-year housing supply this site should be delivering. And guess what, they continue to look to the landscape of the hillfort, an archaeological icon, to take up the slack. That seems to be an unfair and unreasonable way to treat our precious heritage and people’s opinion in consultation, which overwhelming said they wanted to conserve, not develop, this nationally significant Iron Age site that is a unique and much valued part of their neighbourhood.

Watch out for advice here on objecting, coming soon.

The reconsultation details can be found here:

Ref 19/02685/EIA. Revised application documents have appeared for Phase 1, 52 dwellings. https://tinyurl.com/y5umezyv

Ref 19/02686/EIA. Full application documents have appeared for Phase 2, 48 dwellings. https://tinyurl.com/yxfkoetv

Website: Old Oswestry Hillfort

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