The first ever Celtic chariot burial discovered in Wales

An ancient Celtic burial site believed to have international significance has been discovered in a Pembrokeshire field by a local metal detectorist.

Mike Smith, a member of the Pembrokeshire Prospectors, and the excavation team soon realised what they had uncovered was a Celtic chariot burial, a funeral rite in which a chieftain is buried with his chariot and his horses.

Chains from a pony’s bridle discovered in the field. Photograph: Mike Smith.

A pony’s tooth found next to two bridle bits helped to confirm the discovery. In total, 35 fragments of enamelled bronze were found in the field. The find was initially met with disbelief from archaeological experts but is now thought to be the first example in Wales of a Celtic chariot burial.

It appears to be at the centre of what archaeologists describe as a ‘huge’ Celtic settlement larger than Castell Henllys and dating back 2,000 years or more.

Full story: Western Telegraph – 21 November 2018

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