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The Mystery of the Altar Stone

In 2017 the number of visitors to Stonehenge reached a peak of 1.58 million. Yet the vast majority of these visitors will have walked around the monument outside of the ditch at some distance from the stones owing to the … Continue reading

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Scorched Earth reveals Nation’s lost treasures

Britain’s longest heatwave since 1976 and the hottest June on record has turned much of the countryside into crisp brown fields and exposed the outlines of many ancient sites, some previously unknown, others not seen for many years. The scorched … Continue reading

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Megalith: Studies in Stone

Megalith: Studies in Stone, published on 21 June by Wooden Books, features articles by  Hugh Newman, Howard Crowhurst, Robin Health and Evelyn Francis and five more leading megalith authors. The book is packed with new research revealing the remarkable complexity of stone circles and Neolithic … Continue reading

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